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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why use Expertease.Tech

If you are a lawyer who searches for Banking Expert Witnesses, then Expertease.Tech is for you. It is a unique platform, that curates, catalogues and lists the most comprehensive selection of banking and finance experts and it is completely free to use. This is not simply a selection of expert witnesses associated with Expertease.Tech, but rather it is a search engine for expert witnesses. This means it lists and catalogues all experts (unless they object to being listed), and makes it easier for lawyers to find those experts quickly. Using the Search tool on the home page, solicitors and barristers can find the right expert quickly, accurately and easily.

Am I charged to search on Expertease.Tech?

No. Searches on Expertease.Tech are completely free, whether you sign up as a member or not. This means, even if you are not a member, you can quickly determine if there are consultants with the skills and background you need. If you search as a member of the site, then more information about the respective expert witnesses is provided, including contact information and our analysis of the expert. Further, once signed up, you are not charged for contact information about any public expert. You are ONLY charged, from the point of contractual engagement, when you engage experts that are sourced and identified by Expertease.Tech.

I am unable to Sign Up. Why?

Expertease.Tech is a tool built exclusively for our clients and their employees. To be able to Sign Up, you must have an email address associated with one of our client firms and you must use your professional (not personal) email. Our clients are typically solicitors and barristers who work in banking litigation. If your firm fits that description and is not on the list and you would like your firm to become an Expertease.Tech client, then contact us to discuss it. A list of our client firms is here:

How frequently will I receive emails?

We have no plans to initiate an email marketing campaign. The only time we use your email is to ensure secure sign ups, to make sure that the person is from the firm they say they are from and when specifically requested by the user, send notifications on Searches they are interested in. We are aware that email marketing is not popular. While our plans may change in the future, if we do initiate an email marketing campaign we commit to adherence to GDPR obligations and so all emails will have opt-out options, so users can easily unsubscribe from future emails.

What do we do with your data?

Expertease.Tech uses your contact details and data solely to provide you with a better service on our platform. Your data is not sold or released to third parties. If you are a registered user of the Expertease.Tech platform then you can manage your preferences on your user profile. As we know email campaigns are not popular, we do not currently plan to send emails, but if we do we will adhere to our GDPR obligations and ensure that each email has an unsubscribe option on it.

How to Sign Up to Expertease.Tech?

Expertease.Tech is a platform solely for solicitors and barristers. To access it, use your professional email to Sign Up. Over sixty major law firms are pre-approved to utilise the platform. Link to client list who are currently approved to use Expertease.Tech: If you are not on the list but are involved in banking litigation, then please contact us to discuss access.

How quickly can I engage an expert?

It depends. This site lists the full spectrum of the different types of expert witness available. Many of the expert witnesses on this site carry out expert witness work for a living, and so will engage quickly with a wide array of issues and often turn around a report very quickly, whilst for others it depends on their availability. For more guidance read our Guide To Expert Selection here.

Can I unregister from the site?

Yes, of course, particularly as it is part of our GDPR obligations! If you have signed up, but find that this site is not for you, then email us at the contact details above, from your professional email (with which you signed up to the site), and write 'unregister' in the subject line. We will then delete your profile from the site.

Do you keep my information confidential?

Yes, absolutely. We have been working with the litigation community since 2009, and you can see from our testimonials, we have worked with some of the biggest law firms in the world. Like other litigation professionals, regardless of whether we are legally obliged to or not, we maintain strict protocols to ensure confidentiality. Beyond that we commit, within our terms and conditions, to maintaining confidentiality of the information provided by our clients and users.

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