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Experienced capital markets professional whose last role in industry was 2017, when he worked in market risk. Prior to that worked for smaller banks in structuring interest rate derivatives. In the early part of his career had roles in sales and trading of credit products, including credit derivatives. Since 2017 has been consulting, including work in expert witness consulting.

Summary of experience below:

Product (years): Structured Products (14), Credit Derivatives (22), Bonds (10), Derivatives (2), Forwards (2), Exotics (7), Options (5), Asset Swaps (3), Credit Default Swaps (5), Credit Linked Notes (10), Interest Rate Swaps (2), Capital Markets Advisory (5)
Asset Class (years): Credit (9), Currencies (12), Interest Rates (4)
Role (years): Trading (4), Market Risk Management (1), Marketing (7), Sales (12), Structuring (1)
All Sectors (years): Other Corporations (5)
Geography (years): Emerging Markets (1)

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