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We exist in a complex world where a variety of systems interact, some, like technology, moving in trends (sometimes exponential), others in waves (like banking credit provision) and monetary policy (and theory). Society, political trends, market bubbles and crashes, and even international conflict is impacted by these systemic patterns. 

Given litigation is directly a function of losses and opacity of contracts, understanding these cycles, in sectors, asset classes and countries is useful, but beyond the professional imperative, exploring these trends, in these extraordinary times is fascinating in itself. 

Beyond contemporary events, this blog will also be furnished with the technical content Acumen has delivered to the legal community for over a decade, via our seminars at the Delaunay, London.

We are conscious that some of this content is quite technical and can be challenging, so we encourage our members to contact us with questions, either in the comments section or via e-mail, and we will be delighted to assist you in navigating the banking and finance arena.