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Introduction to Insights

A brief introduction to the Expertease content portal.

Insights is a blog dedicated to litigation lawyers and barristers. It is the online education portal to deliver learning content on banking and finance to litigation professionals to help our community improve their technical knowledge. Beyond learning about finance, the articles here cater to the needs of the legal profession: because if our community is doing well, then we are doing well. 

Given that the size of the litigation marketplace is directly a function of losses and opacity of contracts, understanding the cycles, in sectors, asset classes and countries is useful, but beyond the professional imperative, exploring these trends, in these extraordinary times is fascinating in itself. 

We exist in a complex world where a variety of systems interact, some, like technology, moving in trends (sometimes exponential), others in waves (like banking credit provision) and monetary policy (and theory). Society, political trends, market bubbles and crashes, and even international conflict is impacted by these systemic patterns. 

This blog will focus on two areas of interest to litigators: (a) the art and science of establishing factual assets, whether expert reports or optimal approaches to disclosure and (b) areas of the economy that are important to litigators as we expect there to be a high likelihood of disputes in that area in the near and medium term.

Further, this blog will also be furnished with the coveted technical content Acumen has delivered to the legal community for over a decade, via our seminars at The Delaunay, London.

Our goal is to make this blog a valuable resource that helps your legal practice. By supporting you, we make the community of lawyers who work with us, more successful: and that is good for us too. 

We are conscious that some of this content is quite technical and can be challenging, so we encourage our members to contact us with questions, either in the comments section or via e-mail, and we will be delighted to assist you in navigating the banking and finance arena.

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A former Elliot Management fund manager explains to Bloomberg that he explains a wave of emerging market defaults (see link to Bloomberg article below). We agree and explain the structural reasons this is likely to happen and to be a pervasive problem.

A blockchain is almost self descriptive - it is a chain of digital blocks of data. This is a simple data construct, but one that underpins data management. As data is used everywhere, the potential application of blockchains is ubiquitous in our economy.

The most succinct formula for anticipating banking litigation and the areas where it may occur have to be opacity (contractual) and loss (financial). In this article we discuss when we think that requisite nexus, from a litigators perspective anyway, will soon be upon us, and explore the sectors that litigators should consider exploring to make sure they are ready for the next wave of disputes.

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The transition to digital money now seems inevitable. Understanding the history of money; exactly what money was and wasn’t and how it has changed will provide a framework for thinking about digital money. In a three part series we explore the evolution of money and its future.

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Between the tight deadlines, the banking jargon and markedly heterogenous offerings, solicitors have a tough task of finding the right fit for their case. To help you, we have categorised experts into three distinct types: Industry Experts, Professional Experts with Industry Experience and Professional Experts without Industry Experience. Each of these different types of expert have pros and cons. Our goal is to make that task of expert identification and selection simpler. In this article we explain our views of these different types of expert, and the circumstances where one type is preferable to another.

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Litigators wanted a tool to help them find banking experts more easily: so we built it. This is a guide to the most advanced tool available to litigation professionals to quickly identify the right expert, using our proprietary tagging system to ensure you can choose the right person for your case. This guide explains how to use the Expertease.Tech and its advanced features that let litigators find the best experts in minutes, leaving them with more of their clients’ budgets for other high value tasks.

Expertease.Tech is a private portal for litigation professionals who need expert witnesses and clients of the firm. This article explains who can access Expertease.Tech and how to gain access if it is a tool you wish to use.